Scary movies usually doesn´t scare me.I mean, what can be scary about someone holding a knife behind a door? Or lurking behind a showercurtain? Or riding a bicycle towards doom?
That´s right - nothing. I have stopped watching scary movies for a long time now,since they don´t scare me - at all. Everytime I hear about new scary movie I watch it in the hope of becoming scared. At least a bit. But no. That never happens.
Until now, and it was so unforeseen that I almost fell out of my chair.
I mean, I like sci fi-movies. I really do. Give me anything with aliens, complicated machinery and technononsens-driven spaceships (like in Star Trek: "Blast the nonseptical vertigoblaster NOW Captain, and watch out for semisounding paralell octagonal debrismaking!" ) foreign worlds, outta-there galaxies and I´m all for it. I really liked the movie "The third kind" until the soggy and somewhat pompous ending, when they started playing on the kidpiano and long lost people came stumbling out of the ship in a dazed state. But the collision between ordinary and alien I liked. Spaceships landing on your front lawn, or your backyard, or behind you in car
queue on your way to work in the morning. Give it and I will like it.
But it won´t scare me, no way. I will just let it brighten my day a bit, but naught else.
I yawned my way through "Blair Witch Project". I watched "The silence of the Lambs" wondering what it would be like to sew lampshades out of human skin, I saw "The Ring" in both japanese and american and couldn´t get over how lame it was, though the part where you have to multiply a copy of the VHS in order to stay alive was a touch of genius. But since I am not and never was a "horsegirl" the horses in that film just cast me off track. Though the japanese version was more scary, I think. But hilarious just the same. I mean the distorted faces - COME ON!
Anyway, I saw "Saw" of course, since my youngest daughter promised me that it was really scary and gory. So I did. What a waste of my time! And it didn´t help that Dr Phil later made a alternate fun version of the scene in the bathroom and he sawed his wrong leg off! I mean, can it get any funnier?
And also, a scary movie has to be intelligent, or at least challenge my imagination. But prefferbly smart and witty and intelligent. The only ones that ever match up to that standard are english crimestories. To me nothing seems more scary than an ordinary kitchen with a potatopeeler lying on the counter, winds blowing through checkered curtains and some roundish-looking older female coming in from the barn with turnips in the fold pf her petticoat. Now THAT IS SCARY. Because the ordinary thrown out of whack is scary. Older females with sturdy frames and muddy wellingtons are scary BECAUSE we know them so well! We are brought up learning not to fear them. At all. So when they do something out of the ordinary it´s scary. A villain with a cutup face and madness-ridden eyes, well yawn yawn, yes yes we know. He is scary and will probably kill someone - soon.
Yada yada yada. And so on.
A huge knife is SOOO boring, and you know why? Because we have all been fed the Tjechovian premise that if a gun is showed in the beginning of something, it has to be fired before the end. With a lot of bloodsplatter and huge amount of dead bodies as a result. Well, wake me up when it´s over will you?
The unexpected is usually scary, and the more normal it seems in the beginning, the scarier it will be.
Loud noises and unexpected turns of events can have us perched at the end of our seat, but only if the events prior have been routinely calm and subdued.
So what a surprise to me when I watched an until now - for me at least - totally unheard of movie called "The fourth kind", and it left me so scared that I wouldn´t go to sleep without the lights on and all the blinds pulled up so the light from the streetlamps flooded my room.
And I prayed til I eventually drifted off: Please God, protect me and preserve me, keep me totally and utterly safe!
It was - for me - totally unheard of! I have NEVER been scared before IN MY LIFE by watching anything on a screen, but this really jarred me.
Maybe, if you watch it, it will do nothing to you, you will not get scared at all, and that´s fine. So, what was so scary? I mean, afterward I HAD to convince myself that the "real-life" extracts in the film wasn´t real at all, it was part of the movie and showed nothing authentic at all. I kept repeating this to myself, over and over. For it was the so-called "authentic" material that got me flying out of my chair.
It was so scary an unexpected that the first time it happened I actually gasped out loud and jumped high up in the air! Against my better judgment I finished watching the movie, and afterward I was really shook up. I actually cursed myself for watching it, presuming some scenes from the movie would haunt me for years. Luckily that hasn´t been the case. It was only that first night after watching it, that I was afraid to actually close my eyes. I only did so after reassuring myself that God was on my side, watching over me, letting no harm come to me. But I have not yet been comfortable to sleep with my back to the room.....
What was so scary? I don´t know, honestly. If I were to recount it to you maybe you would only laugh, or deem me potty. But it triggered something inside me, and the possibility of something like this ever happening in real life seemed ....possible, true-worthy, like it could actually happen. Has it ever happened to me? Honestly, I don´t know. My fear was real enough, but was it because I believe in these things ( like abduction by aliens, foreign aircrafts the size of footballfields flying by in the dark skies of night, unexplainable events and memories that you can´t account for how you got them.)
And the actress Milla Jovovich was VERY convincing when she at the start of the movie warned us of some of the disturbing scenes we were about to see. She was right about that. Disturbing, yes. Very.
It was when I thought of the scene when a husband and father of three ,seemingly out of his wits and screaming uncomprehensible stuff to the army of policeofficers outside his house, eventually shot his family, first his kids then his wife and then himself, that I thought I had found a shred of evidence to hold on to. For if this had been " real" footage, no way would the relatives of this man and his family consent to having this - as we were made to believe - actual police-video shown in a movie. They would drag the producers through every court known to man in order to put a stop to this use of film that showed a huge tragedy in their family. No way that would happen. So this I hung on to, persuading myself that if this had been real, it would never have been used at all. The grieving relatives of this family would object to much.
But can I be sure? No, of course not. But I hope I´m right.
Anyway, it was scary to me, and it hit me in places I would never have guessed, and from now on I will rely on God watching over me, for can we be sure, I mean REALLY REALLY SURE, that we are alone in the universe?
Food for thought.
Goodnight children.