"In my memory I will always see, the town that I have loved so well
Where our school played ball, by the gas yard wall,
And we laughed through smoked and the smell
Going home in the rain, running up the dark lane
Past the Jail and down behind the fountain
Those were happy days in so many, many ways
In the town I loved so well"

I sang "The town I loved so well" for breakfast.
I cried the entire time.
Words got stuck in my throat.

"But when I returned, how my eyes were burned
To see how a town could be brought to its knees
By the armored cars and the bombed out bars
And the gas that hangs on to every breeze
Now an army's installed by old gas yard wall
And the damned barbed wire gets higher and higher
With their tanks and guns, oh, my God what have they done
To the town I loved so well"

I will never forget.

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Josefina sa...

Det är sån man ser ut runt ögonen när man går upp klockan fem på morgonen och åker buss i tre timmar längs motorvägen från helvetet (bokstavligen tror jag att Helvetet har BÄTTRE vägar än Ryssland, speciellt södra Uralbergen) för att först på kvällen posera inför kameran med jordgubbar i famnen ;)

Så det så!